Legal Process Outsourcing

Value based, prompt and effective Legal Support Services by qualified and professional team.

Managed by qualified professionals, CorpAxis provides a wide range of legal services to worldwide legal firms and clients. The service offering comprise of research, drafting, documentation review, consulting and litigation support, secretarial and administrative services. Legal Firms and Clients from all over the world use CorpAxis to outsource litigation support ranging from high-value complex litigation to low value administrative and secretarial support. We consistently deliver value for money and maintain high standard of support and professionalism. We strive to be a worthy partner to our client and take pride in our quality, confidentiality, integrity, and timely execution for each project.

Legal firms and lawyers today are under pressure to reduce their legal fees and costs. Hence, more and more legal firms are in need of a legal support provider who can reduce their costs, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their work product so that they can focus on the practice of law. To meet these objectives legal process can be outsourced to CorpAxis in Delhi, India from where it will provide legal business process outsourcing solutions to foreign law firms, corporate legal departments, government and other agencies.

CorpAxis team is a fusion of professionals who are experienced in operating and integrating seamlessly and successfully into cross-cultural environments. We are a dedicated and experienced team of professionals including lawyers, industry specific consultants, paralegals and support staff. Our foreign outsourcing clients have benefited the most from our rich human resource base & trusted us to carry out their most crucial legal processing tasks. We take pride in having won the trust & confidence of our foreign counterparts for whom we consistently provide & monitor a strong and reliable ‘Back-office Support Service’.

Our Management team has a long and wide experience in dealing with complex to simple issues.

CorpAxis Proposition

The organizations world wide have realized a need of off shoring/ outsourcing their legal support services as cost of litigation going higher in western countries . As the legal services across the globe requires more and more effort with increasing number of litigation, increasing number of international organizations seek dependable legal support services to meet the rising demands of quality and cost effectiveness. CorpAxis combines legal capabilities with knowledge of international regulatory standards and robust business knowledge to deliver best solutions.

CorpAxis Services

The range of legal support is being outsourced to CorpAxis has evolved from routine Intellectual Property, Trade mark and Secretarial Support to more complicated work typically performed by our trained lawyers and domain experts. Professionals at CorpAxis keep current with today’s changing legislation and international trade practices; constantly upgrade their professional skills; and keep track of the latest developments in the field of law. They are well-conversant with all related commercial and regulatory standards and have knowledge of various legal systems and processes, including those of the USA and other European countries.

CorpAxis provides the wide range of professional legal services. Our professional services portfolio can be categorized as under: