Legal Process Outsourcing

Value based, prompt and effective Legal Support Services by qualified and professional team.

Patentability and Violation Assessment

We assists clients in patentability searches for determining whether the invention/product under scrutiny can be legally patented. Even minor inventions may have business potential and patenting these in time will help protect the same. It is also possible to protect inventions related to processes and methods of manufacturing which clients would not want your competitors to copy.
Infringement search results are perhaps the single most useful piece of information that a company can possess about patents. If a patent is already held by a competitor on a product or process that you are considering using, the knowledge of its existence can help prevent you from being sued for patent infringement. We conduct a comprehensive infringement search to uncover relevant patents. Conversely, if one of your patents is infringed, we can assist clients in undertaking appropriate action against the offending party.

Application Drafting

We carryout application drafting on behalf of our clients and each project is handled with individual care and diligence. We have adequate experience and expertise in patent application drafting – offering you quality work, best industry practices, and competitive pricing.

Status Tracking

Status tracking involves effective communication between patent applicant and the patent examiner to whom application has been assigned. In some cases, where face-to-face interviews with the patent examiner is required in order to address and resolve relevant issues, We can appear in such face to face interaction and help resolve issues. We keep our clients updated about the latest developments throughout the entire patent application process.